Business Process Outsourcing involves strategic use of outside resources to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources, none of which are core to the functioning of the company. It is a strategy by which an organization delegates routine functions to service providers who have expertise in such functions. Thus the service provider is not only responsible for the execution of a business process but also for improving upon the existing business processes.

A growing market underscores recognition of BPO organizations value. Providers of BPO services report healthy demand and rapid market growth as almost all leading companies are either using or considering using BPO companies to achieve both tactical and strategic objectives. Much of this growth has been achieved through internationalization – by outsourcing services being provided at remote locations virtually anywhere on the globe.

Around the globe several organizations have preferred BPO activities due to following factors:

   • Focus on Company's Core Activities
   • Achievement of Cost Reduction
   • Improved Service Quality
   • Maintenance of Competitive Edge
   • Availability of Outside Professional Support
   • Access to Advanced Technology
   • Revenue Enhancements

In the last few years clients across the globe have expressed satisfaction over the services provided in India. India has emerged as the BPO destination because of the following beneficial factors:

   • Robust communication infrastructure
   • A large English-speaking workforce
   • Low employee costs
   • Appropriate time-zone difference with the West
   • Massive support from the software services sector

Services we offer are:

      • Accounting Services
      • Taxation Services
      • Transaction Processing Services

For high level services, we use the latest document or content management system. We are experienced in applications of Accounting software Quick Books, Intacct, Peachtree and Tax software Lacerte and ATX. We also provide services using customized accounting and taxation software as per the specific requirements of our clients.

We provide weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly reports of Accounts Receivables (AR), Accounts Payable (AP) and Financial Statements. Financial Analysis Reports, MIS Reports and Project Reports are also prepared and provided as per our clients’ requirements.

All our processes are planned, documented, implemented and reviewed to meet quality standards. We maintain proper quality controls in our facilities; comply with accepted standards and conventions; maintain highest degree of professional standards and monitor implementation of policies and procedures. Our professionals stay abreast of and adapt to any changes that may impact outsourced services.

Quality is assured by US certified CPAs and Indian CAs.