Saboo e-Solutions is part of a Business group that has been running successfully for over 11 years with a turnover of US $10 million. The financial stability of the group enables us to sustain market variations and provide our clients stability and scalability.

Saboo e-Solutions with its deep industry knowledge, process expertise and scale experience provides innovative, cost-effective outsourcing solutions based on specific client needs. We use the latest technological innovations to strengthen and improve efficiency and effectiveness of our clients.

Our philosophy at Saboo e-Solutions is to help you seek solutions everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether it is inside or outside the company, inside or outside the country. After finding the best solution, you can relocate the process to a lower cost environment. This can be done without sacrificing quality or control. Quality assurance is achieved through process planning, documentation, monitoring and reviewing implementation.

There are few critical factors that distinguish us from others:

   • Experienced Management team
   • In depth knowledge of Accounting and Taxation processes
   • Experience in servicing offshore clients
   • Making customized solutions for specific clients
   • Proven capability & credibility
   • Strong culture of client confidentiality
   • Continuous adaptation of new technologies
   • In house technology management capability
   • Flexible contracting model